Your personal assistant for work

Assisting office workers and teams by handling administrative and repetitive tasks

It works where you work

Available on all your messaging platforms

Time management is in fact not just a personal challenge, it has become an organisational issue.
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Develop your morning routine

  • Organise your meetings and manage your tasks
  • Prioritises and plan effectively to meet your daily and weekly goals
  • Get a right start into the day

Work better as a team

  • Let Ophi help you with setting up weekly goals
  • Delegate tasks and split up work within your team
  • Make sure everyone is aware of what needs to be done and meet deadlines

Don't waste anymore time scheduling meetings

  • Get Ophi to schedule your meetings
  • Find the perfect time to meet with your team
  • No more back and forth

Ophi helps managers and office workers be more productive


We believe that your time is an inestimable resource.
Ophi's here to help you plan, prioritise and get things done.

Task management

How many to-do lists have you created without looking at it afterwards?
Ophi helps you complete your tasks and meet your daily and weekly goals.

Team Management

We think managing a project or a team is no easy work.
Ophi actively supports you to set up weekly objectives and work as a team.

Ophi is a new kind of intelligence

Always with you

We believe an assistant should always be there for you.
Ophi lives in all your messaging apps, both at work and at home.

Easy to use

Having an assistant should not be more complicated that doing everything by yourself. We care about designing a seamless chat experience.

Tailored to your needs

We make sure your experience with Ophi doesn't become invasive and aligns with your individual working style.

Join the private beta.

Get exclusive access to Ophi and upcoming features.

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